Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday Lasers!

Last week I was treated to the best birthday ever!

It's Vegas, so its expected that on your birthday you'll hit the clubs or bars and get rightly destroyed with 5-200 of your closest alcoholic friends. As much as I enjoy a good bender from time to time, the tradition of birthday boozing has honestly gotten old. Fortunately this year the people closest to me made other plans.

I had never played laser tag before but I always wanted to try and the guys made it happen. Complete with private party room, pizza, soda and cake, I finally got the 10 year old birthday party of my dreams! I slayed at air hockey, did ok shooting arcade hoops and got totally slaughtered by my friends in imaginary bloody laser mayhem. I already knew I wasn't going to be the most talented player in my party, but I would like it noted that laser tag is played in a black lit environment, and that my pink hair fluoresces under black light so I am an ideal target. Also, I suck at laser tag.... but who cares!!!??

To every grown up wondering what to do for your next birthday, I strongly advise you embrace your inner child, hop around like a dork, get revved up on sugar and pizza and have a water balloon fight, or a trampolene party or play "pin the tail on the engineer", perhaps go on a shopping spree at Toys R Us, engage in a Nerf battle, play tag foot ball with your unwilling neighbors... something, anything different and FUN. Take time out of your life to be hilarious, and don't take yourself too seriously.

I am also proud to say that I did not use my birthday as an excuse to put on a tiarra and drink until I cried in public whilst my glitter covered girlfriends stood around making excuses for me to the police. You're welcome, Vegas.

Rob & Eric, thank you so much for planning the perfect birthday party! And thank you to every one who came and participated and celebrated with us. I am so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life.

Until next time, KISSES!

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