Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Booties of Comikaze 2012

To close out my coverage of Stan Lee's Comikaze 2012, I thought I would share all the photos of hot chicks and great booties that were every where as far as the eye could see at this event. Thanks to Rob for never missing a perv shot!

Iron booty!

Shroomin' boobies!

Naughty skirt

OK, so keep your eye on the girl in pink, Rob must have had a thing for her, you'll see a few shots. Girl in pink, if you're out there, give Rob a shout, and say wassup.


Perv from above. Nice!


Boobies from space!

Some one stole this girl's pants and we are so very glad.

We meet again, Pinky!

Axe, check. Bow, check. Booties, check.

I'm not sure what is going on with thse pants, but I like it.

Sky perv!

Excuse me ladies, could you please turn around and show Rob your booties?


Excellent rack!

My favorite booty of the weekend. May I say, Miss, you look lovely in green!

Cat Booty!

Blue booty!
And finally my booty.
I hope you enjoyed the T&A of Comikaze. Kisses!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stan Lee's Comikaze!!!!

This past weekend I attended Stan Lee's Comikaze, a comic book/sci fi/video game/pop culture convention in Los Angeles California. It was incredible!!! There isn't much I could write about it that I didn't express in my video:

And as promised in the video, PICTURES!!

The very start of the day as we arrived and found our way into line.
Eric and I waiting for Stan Lee & Friends to arrive and address the nerdy masses.
So excited to actually be this close to Stan Lee! Almost too much for my little nerd heart to take!
He really was hilarious and seemed genuinely excited to be speaking to all of us.
Two of these things aren't like the others.... two of these things just don't belong...
It really was a game of Quiddich!! So cool!
Awesome group costume
Me and my pixelated homies.
Does this skull make my butt look big?

Favorite costume of the day!! Hooray Hit Girl!

Yup. This is a photo of The Fet grabbing a handful of Ro booty. I did not mind.

Jedi Elvis!!

Tiny Rift Bot!! Go forth and battle against your Clockhausen brethren! Resist your programming!

Eric and I in front of the Monster Hearse. Some one please arrange for this thing to be at my funeral when I am eventually murdered by blood thirsty cyborgs.

Helmet ready. Let's do this.

Our charming photographer.

Yeah. Cute.

Aw! Eric fell down!

Too much awesome! Must keep moving!

When you see Tank Girl, groping is in order. Make a note of it.

His pants were not purple. I was sad.

I don't know what this is but its scary as hell!

Hey there, Harley, is that a giant mallet in your pocket or are you just ha.... no wait, that is a giant mallet. Oh well.

He did NOT infact show me his boom stick. I was grateful.

These are my people! I'm home!

Doctor Doom, I've had this cough....

Lady Loki must have dropped her contact.

The happiest place on earth! Suck it Disney!

Black leather and a necklace made of ears. And then me. With pink hair. I think I haven been out bad assed here....

Check out this chicks convention security costume!! Looked so real!!! Don't taze me bro!

Enjoy your victory while it lasts, tiny blue child, for soon I will return and I will have the last cupcake!!


Who misplaced weird freaky squid child?

Lady Venom. Yup. I touched her.

Ummm? Little help?

I had a blast! Thank you to every one who made this day possible and so very awesome! Can't wait until next year! Tomorrow's blog will be the booties of Comikaze, so stay tuned for geek T&A action!