Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Latest With PICTURES!

The last week or so has been jam packed. Tons to do and less time to do it in. As far as work goes there have been top secret projects in the works, so not much to report on there for now.

I did have a chance at some personal adeventuring over the past two weeks. As you may know, I was/am in a band called Two Point Suspicion with Mister Wayward, singer/song writer/guitarist/Rifter.

Mister Wayward is also known as Joe Lawless and is also in a band called Trevor And The Joneses. Rob and I went to go see them play at a local pub and they put on a great show. During a break Joe Lawless became Mister Wayward and asked me to get up and sing some TPS tunes. Rift On! Here are a few pics of said performance, and notice I have a drink in hand. I haven't played with TPS or even practiced in months so nerves were in need of calming. I must say despite lack of practice, we sounded awesome!

It was really wonderful to have a chance to do one of the things I love best. I have so missed making music on a daily basis and this was a good reminder to keep writing and singing every chance I get. Performing with Mister Wayward was a blast!

Speaking of Rifters, I found a new recruit for the Rifter Army, fresh from the Civil War!
This guy means business, look out Clockhausen!
After that bit of excitment it was time for a movie. Action movies full of catch phrases and explosions are my favorite, and I was in luck!

The Expendables 2 is exactly as advertised and I was jumping out of my seat and claping and shrieking with weird girly nerd joy every three minutes or so. My apologies to those seated around me during the movie.  I hope they make a third film and I hope it has Chuck Norris fighting Godzilla with a laser cannon. Please enjoy my YouTube review:
Finally my adventures concluded last night with a surprise treat to a Hemlock show! Thank you so much Rob!! For those of you who do not know, I love metal music and I LOVE HEMLOCK.

I saw them for the first time almost ten years ago and sustained a badly gashed knee, a sprained shoulder and a slight concussion during "The Wall Of Death", which is a mosh pit wherein the crowd is divided down the center of the pit and then encouraged to run at the oposite wall of human flesh all at once as fast as possible for maximum carnage in order to garner the favor of the fluffy bunny metal gods. AWESOME.
After Hemlock wrapped up their last set, the band members got off stage and talked to every fan who had something to say and signed whatever it was they wanted signed. I really love seeing a bad full of people who are so passionate and so good at what they do, but still understand that it is all about the fans. If you ever get a chance to see them play, GO!
I had my chance to say hello for the first time in almost a decade and lead singer Chad recognised me! I nearly exploded with dorky metal fan glee! He even signed my scar:
See how my shirt is all wet? Yeah, thats from hugging Chad. Thats his sweat. FUCKING METAL!
And thats about it... oh yeah, except that Big Rob managed to get us tickets to Stan Lee's Comikaze! So expect all blog posts until then to be full of geek anxiety and lists of questions for all my favorite presenters.
It has been a wacky couple of weeks, and I anticipate more wackiness.
Final shout out to Hemlock: Thank you for the last 19 years of incredible music, performances, and local band support. It is people like you that make metal great and put on shows worth going to. I wish you all the luck and partying there is on your up coming tour of Europe. Rock their fucking socks off and return safely home to party with us once more.
Thats all for now! Kisses!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Snug Life Yo

So last night I was able to go to a street racing event, super cool!

Firstly, I would like it noted that this was not a group of weird underground out law scum bags, pimping hoes and fist fighting over the out come of super close races. There were in fact NO nearly nude flag girls starting the races, NO huge stacks of cash changing hands, and NO obligitory, flamboyantly dressed Asian with bad hair waving a Mack-10 around. I know, sorry to disappoint.

This was a large group of people all gathered because they are passionate about the same things: building fast cars and racing them. Most of these people had known each other and been racing each other for over a decade, most of them have kids and families at home and many of them even brought their families to mingle and see them race. It was a very interesting blend of people, and very entertaining to be around.

Not every one who came, came to race, most people were just there to see their friends and be supportive. The vibe was basically that of a summer back yard cook out, only with out the back yard or the cook out.

Once every one had arrived at the meeting place and all were accounted for, we went to a stretch of road where people could race without disturbing the public, and the racing began.

There were some pretty cool cars in attendance:
This one was my favorite! Certainly not the fastest car in attendance, but it had a great look and that classic muscel car ready to fuck shit up sound. I love that sound!

There was also a herd of Supras:

The best race of the evening, however was seeing a Mustang that the owner originally payed just a few thousand for the shell of and then build the rest himself by hand beat a $60k CTS-V. That's the kind of thing that makes me love racing, and seeing how excited everyone was, how supportive every one was, including the guy who lost, is what makes me love race people.

And that was pretty much the evening. Met some great people, laughed a lot, saw some fast cars and some good races, all in all, a great night. I really love being around passionate people and seeing all of their hard work in motion. There really is nothing like it. Thank you to every one who came out and were so sweet to me, and congrats to every one who busted ass building fast cars and got to show them off!

Last night was great, let's do it again soon!

And if you're still not convinced that street racers can be anything but dangerous criminals, perhaps this will change your perceptions:

Thats all for now, more to follow soon, I am sure.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Inside Out Day

Went to work around 10pm last night and worked ALL night. Didn't get home until just before sunrise.

The motor I have been included in working on finally came off the engine stand and was hoisted via fork lift into the boat it belongs in. Watching all that weight that we had been adding to every time we bolted something on for days and days end up supported by just two bolts and a chain was quite the sight!
I wasn't able to get any photos of it way up in the air because it took all of us to guide it into the engine compartment without it swinging and damaging the boat. Here is a pic of it in it's compartment:
You would be surpised just how often a problem in the shop is solved by whacking the fuck out of it with a BFH or "Big Fucking Hammer"

Once we had the engine in its home, I was invited to go on my first repo, which was hilarious. We loaded up in the repo truck and proceeded to a strip club to reposess a stripper's car. And yes I know they prefer the term "exotic dancer", but trust me, in the part of town we were in, this chick was most definitely a stripper. Once we pulled up, it took the guys 4 minutes to identify the vehicle, confirm the VIN, pull up to it, drop the sneaker lift, hook up the car and drive off. Fucking awesome, and totally Vegas!
When the lift is retracted it just looks like a regular pick up truck, pretty fucking cool, huh?

So for those of you readers who have been with me since the beginning, you know what a huge change these activities are for me. From silk bodices, high heels and paddles to greasy tank tops, wrenches and manual labor, 2012 has been one hell of a ride so far, but I am happy with the choices I am making. I loved being THE MISTRESS, I loved educating on kink and I loved the people who came out and supported those endevours, but over the last 18 months of it, it was plain to me that there was something missing. I wanted a change, I wanted something new, I wanted to go learn all about a new thing that I had never even considered before, and the opportunity to learn about motors came so I jumped at it.

Becoming this new thing and doing these new things in no way changes all of the other things that I also am. I am still the educator I always was, I still accept requests for lectures and public speaking and I still plan on providing educational videos for free to the public, only now I might be covered in engine grease while I'm at it.

I am incredibly thankful for the chance I have been given and all the instruction the guys have been giving me. I thrive on challenge and change and you have both provided it in abundance. Rob, Glenn, I cannot thank you enough. Grattitude just doesn't cover it, but for now it will have to do.

That's all for today. Tonight my plans are to hang out with street racers and go to a night club, two things VERY outside my experience, so tomorrow's post should be amusing. Stay tuned!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to Blogging

I haven't blogged regularly in two years, and while I am still busy as hell, now seems to be a good time to get back at it. Planning on posting updates about videos, news on projects and photos of all the wackiness that occurs during my adventures.

From Dominatrix to educator to model to crafter to race engine mechanic apprentice, I think I can manage to keep this interesting. Excuse my sweaty messiness in this next photo, but here is the latest project I have been involved in: 

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More posts to follow soon!