Sunday, August 12, 2012

Snug Life Yo

So last night I was able to go to a street racing event, super cool!

Firstly, I would like it noted that this was not a group of weird underground out law scum bags, pimping hoes and fist fighting over the out come of super close races. There were in fact NO nearly nude flag girls starting the races, NO huge stacks of cash changing hands, and NO obligitory, flamboyantly dressed Asian with bad hair waving a Mack-10 around. I know, sorry to disappoint.

This was a large group of people all gathered because they are passionate about the same things: building fast cars and racing them. Most of these people had known each other and been racing each other for over a decade, most of them have kids and families at home and many of them even brought their families to mingle and see them race. It was a very interesting blend of people, and very entertaining to be around.

Not every one who came, came to race, most people were just there to see their friends and be supportive. The vibe was basically that of a summer back yard cook out, only with out the back yard or the cook out.

Once every one had arrived at the meeting place and all were accounted for, we went to a stretch of road where people could race without disturbing the public, and the racing began.

There were some pretty cool cars in attendance:
This one was my favorite! Certainly not the fastest car in attendance, but it had a great look and that classic muscel car ready to fuck shit up sound. I love that sound!

There was also a herd of Supras:

The best race of the evening, however was seeing a Mustang that the owner originally payed just a few thousand for the shell of and then build the rest himself by hand beat a $60k CTS-V. That's the kind of thing that makes me love racing, and seeing how excited everyone was, how supportive every one was, including the guy who lost, is what makes me love race people.

And that was pretty much the evening. Met some great people, laughed a lot, saw some fast cars and some good races, all in all, a great night. I really love being around passionate people and seeing all of their hard work in motion. There really is nothing like it. Thank you to every one who came out and were so sweet to me, and congrats to every one who busted ass building fast cars and got to show them off!

Last night was great, let's do it again soon!

And if you're still not convinced that street racers can be anything but dangerous criminals, perhaps this will change your perceptions:

Thats all for now, more to follow soon, I am sure.


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  1. Nice. Now for a request: how about a video rant about Fifty Shades of Grey? I'm sure it would be highly amusing!