Saturday, August 11, 2012

Inside Out Day

Went to work around 10pm last night and worked ALL night. Didn't get home until just before sunrise.

The motor I have been included in working on finally came off the engine stand and was hoisted via fork lift into the boat it belongs in. Watching all that weight that we had been adding to every time we bolted something on for days and days end up supported by just two bolts and a chain was quite the sight!
I wasn't able to get any photos of it way up in the air because it took all of us to guide it into the engine compartment without it swinging and damaging the boat. Here is a pic of it in it's compartment:
You would be surpised just how often a problem in the shop is solved by whacking the fuck out of it with a BFH or "Big Fucking Hammer"

Once we had the engine in its home, I was invited to go on my first repo, which was hilarious. We loaded up in the repo truck and proceeded to a strip club to reposess a stripper's car. And yes I know they prefer the term "exotic dancer", but trust me, in the part of town we were in, this chick was most definitely a stripper. Once we pulled up, it took the guys 4 minutes to identify the vehicle, confirm the VIN, pull up to it, drop the sneaker lift, hook up the car and drive off. Fucking awesome, and totally Vegas!
When the lift is retracted it just looks like a regular pick up truck, pretty fucking cool, huh?

So for those of you readers who have been with me since the beginning, you know what a huge change these activities are for me. From silk bodices, high heels and paddles to greasy tank tops, wrenches and manual labor, 2012 has been one hell of a ride so far, but I am happy with the choices I am making. I loved being THE MISTRESS, I loved educating on kink and I loved the people who came out and supported those endevours, but over the last 18 months of it, it was plain to me that there was something missing. I wanted a change, I wanted something new, I wanted to go learn all about a new thing that I had never even considered before, and the opportunity to learn about motors came so I jumped at it.

Becoming this new thing and doing these new things in no way changes all of the other things that I also am. I am still the educator I always was, I still accept requests for lectures and public speaking and I still plan on providing educational videos for free to the public, only now I might be covered in engine grease while I'm at it.

I am incredibly thankful for the chance I have been given and all the instruction the guys have been giving me. I thrive on challenge and change and you have both provided it in abundance. Rob, Glenn, I cannot thank you enough. Grattitude just doesn't cover it, but for now it will have to do.

That's all for today. Tonight my plans are to hang out with street racers and go to a night club, two things VERY outside my experience, so tomorrow's post should be amusing. Stay tuned!


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